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Adoptable Cats/ Kittens

Adoption fees are $100 (adult cats) $115 (kittens) 

Adoption fee includes full vetting 

Our adopters must be at least 18 years of age

Adoptions are done by appointment, call our office to schedule 864 843 9693 

Adopters must be approved through application and have a supervised visit with the pet of interest

Adoptions must be approved by PCHS staff 

Adopter's are responsible for a carrier. Cats will not be released without proper containment


MILLIE- Domestic short hair, female, 4 months old. This girl is very friendly and social. She enjoys attention, prefers pets not to be picked up. She has a silly, outgoing personality. She is gentle and playful. Great with other felines, litter trained and never been outdoors. Millie is a super sweet girl who will greet you at the door after a long day!
Adoption fee: $115
***PCHS reserves the right to decline any adoption



domestic short hair, female (spayed), 7-9 months old. This girl loves to talk. She is super sweet and enjoys attention. She likes toys and doesn't seem to mind other felines. She loves curling up in a hammock for a nap. She's snuggly and so cute!
Adoption fee: $100
Weight: 7 lbs
****PCHS reserves the right to decline any adoption 


O'MALLEY- Domestic medium hair, male (neutered), adult. This guy is very friendly and likes attention, but he doesn't care for being held. He can be a talkative boy when he wants attention. He is suitable for a home as the ONLY pet, as he does not care for companionship of other animals. He loves to cuddle and always lays in the cutest positions. O'Malley loves playing with toys! He is litter trained, and used to living indoors!
Adoption fee: $100
****PCHS reserves the right to decline any adoption 

Please understand that our adoption fee cannot be changed or waived due to the fee going to Veterinarian services and needed medications. WE CANNOT OFFER REFUNDS, EXCHANGES OR TRIAL PERIODS.

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