Opened as a 501(c)3 nonprofit in 1972 to provide a refuge for stray and unwanted pets while eliminating suffering and overpopulation through education.  Today, 47 years later, thanks to supporters like you, PCHS stays true to

our mission day in and day out.

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We are providing our services Monday- Saturday by appointment only.

Call 843 9693 to schedule an appointment

A little about Roxie... our official greeter & permanent resident

Roxie came to PCHS in December 13, 2013, with a litter of EIGHT puppies. She was approximately 5 years old, heartworm positive and malnourished. This girl clearly had some bad times during her 5 years. She was extremely timid and had high anxiety, which made shelter living worse. Roxie was a Houdini. She would escape from any kennel and she was very destructive. 
After Roxie was treated for heart worms and deemed healthy, she finally found a home in September 2014. Regardless of our efforts to find her a forever home, this would not be the first nor last non-permanent family she would find. Due to her anxiety and her non-adaptable, destructive ways, she was returned to our facility 3 times. Finally, in August of 2016, the latest time Roxie was adopted, she ran away from the new home the first day and was a dog on the loose for 3 weeks. We received a flyer from a concerned citizen about a stray dog that they had been leaving food for in their garage. The dog on the flyer was our Roxie. PCHS staff drove around for about an hour calling her name and could hear barking in the distance. It was our girl. She was petrified and wouldn’t come to us, but finally, we were able to get her and bring her back "home". Roxie returned to the shelter that day in September 2016 and has been our official greeter and office dog ever since. She is no longer up for public adoption and she has found her FOREVER home with the PCHS staff and facility.

Roxie is also an asset to PCHS as she is used to do dog tests on incoming dogs and she greets the public as they enter the front door (she loves getting so much attention). Roxie is used for educational programs too. Roxie brightens our days here at PCHS. Roxie enjoys playing outdoors and running like a race dog. She LOVES going for car rides, especially when it's through the starbucks drive thru :) 

This is her home, this is her forever home. 
- Roxie

   Neuter or Spay 
It is the Only Way!

A low-cost Neuter and Spay Center, within three years, will make a vast impact on the number of stray and unwanted puppies and kittens within the Upstate.  PCHS projects 2500 animals will be spayed or neutered within the first year,  promoting good health  and  preventing a whopping 10,000 offspring, and exponentially each year after!



Inevitably, financial struggles have hit PCHS, again. Each year we end up in this same position.
As we carry on with normal business throughout the year, donations decrease, and expenses continue to grow, therefore, funds are quickly depleted. 
We believe in our program and the services we provide. We have goals and a vision for our future. 
However, due to the lack of funds remaining as we near the end of this year, our vision has been obstructed and our future seems bleak. We will not be able to continue to provide the services and continue the care for the animals, if we do not have the operational costs to finish 2019. The ability to make a difference in each pet that comes through our program and each family that adopts will no longer be possible. The temporary home PCHS provides to some 700-1,000 pets per year will no longer exist. Roxie, our permanent resident will lose her fur-ever home. The goals of enhancing our programs, growing our services and establishing a mobile, low cost spay/ neuter/ vaccine clinic will not be made a reality. 
Unfortunately, finances determine the fate of our future. And, the lack of funds will force us to close our doors. 
At this time we are no longer accepting animals into our program, as we do not have funds to operate through the end of this year. We will continue to provide adoptions.
The question is, “Is there any hope?” The answer is YES! “What can you do?” DONATE! Share our need. 
Our vision, our future and reaching our goals will only be possible with the support of YOU! 
PLEASE help us continue being the voice for those that go unheard!


Adoption fees are $85/ all animals are fully vetted: this includes: de-worming, vaccinations, spay/neuter, feline leukemia test (cats), heart worm test (dogs), and as supplies are available: collar, harness, leash, toys, carrier (for cats) and a small bag of food!



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Please understand that our adoption fee cannot be changed or waived due to the fee going to Veterinarian services and needed medications. WE CANNOT OFFER REFUNDS, EXCHANGES OR TRIAL PERIODS.



9 am - 5 pm


9 am - 12 noon


9 am - 12 noon



500 Five Forks Road

Liberty, SC 29657


PO Box 83, Liberty, SC 29657


(864) 843-9693

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Please understand that our adoption fee cannot be changed or waived due to the fee going to Veterinarian services and needed medications. WE CANNOT OFFER REFUNDS, EXCHANGES OR TRIAL PERIODS.